1/24th scale

We are delighted to add new items to our shop that are all 1/24th scale. To start with we have:

  • 1/24th scale picture frames
  • 1/24th scale framed prints
  • 1/24th scale solid books

we will have more to follow in 2021 including 1/24th scale handbound books, those real books handstitched and handbound that open to show a majority of pictorial images.

1/24th scale Picture Frames

simply go our 1/24th scale page where you can find the 1/24th scale frames.


1/24th scale Framed Prints

go to our prints section, choose the period you want, click and scroll down the page. Before adding your choice to your Basket select the size option of 1/12th or 1/24th scale.


1/24th scale solid books

click on the image of 1/24th scale solid books above and it will take you to the shop page where you can place your order.