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The Shop includes all of my books, prints, frames and other accessories – the whole website can easily be searched for specific items (i.e. if you wish to see Tudor prints type ‘Tudor’ into the search box, press enter and then scroll down the page to see all items with the word Tudor in the description. As before our payment system is secure via Paypal.


Book Collection

This is an amazing opportunity to purchase the Complete Boxed Collection of Beatrix Potter books, 23 books in total in a slip case. Each book is hand stitched, has a printed cover and gold title on spine. You can also purchase your books individually.

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new_image_2World Maps
6 world maps from the:
Tudor/Elizabethan/Stuart/Georgian-Regency/Victorian and Edwardian periods



Victorian Print
Many Happy Returns of the Day by William Firth (1856)



French Impressionist/Post Impressionist Prints (Victorian Period)

Special Edition Prints
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6 Wives of Henry VIII


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new_image_2Kings and Queens of England
Henry VIII & His 6 Wives
Prints in Landscape
Prints in Portrait
Frames for Prints



We now have a range of over 100 New Prints and Frames. The shop lists these by era (i.e. Tudor, Elizabethan, Edwardian etc.) as well as by certain artists (i.e. Constable, Landseer, Hurt etc.). Look out for our special editions (Henry VII & His 6 Wives, Kings and Queens of England). View the prints on-line by going to our shop and order today.


new_image_2We now have a range of over 100 Handmade Printed Books. The shop lists these by category (i.e. Birds, Costume, Atlas, Natural History etc.) View the books on-line by going to our shop and order today.
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