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We hope you have enjoyed the Kensington Online Showcase and many thanks to Charlotte & her team for all the hard work they have put in to make it yet another success. We really appreciate their time and effort.


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Paintings by Ellie de Lacy


This is Ellie’s new website where she showcases her Original Paintings and her new Digital Art. From this website you can purchase 1/12th & 1/24th scale miniature framed prints of the originals for only £12.50.

Here is an example of Ellie’s new Digital Art:


With immediate effect we will be moving to on-line sales only

As many of you will be aware Ellie has been fighting physical and mental illness for several years now and the time has come for Ellie de Lacy Miniatures to temporarily move to on-line sales only. Sadly this will mean we will not be attending any future Kensington Dollshouse Fairs nor Miniatura Exhibitions. Please accept our apologies for not being able to see you face to face for the time being.

We will endeavour to maintain stocks for immediate availability but if any of your items are out of stock we will make them for you within a reasonable period of time.

We hope our shop is easy to use but if you have any questions/feedback please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at ellie@elliedelacy.co.uk.

If you do visit the Kensington Dollshouse Fair or Miniatura watch out for Ellie as she will be a visitor.

31 March 2021

Many thanks to SusanJ from the USA for her photos:

This is an exquisite piece of furniture made by Roger Gutheil (now retired) showing before and after photos with Ellie de Lacy Miniatures custom made book blocks, it’s always lovely to see the impact our products have on your dolls houses. The Roger Gutheil ‘Bonnet Top Secretary Desk’ is the third piece of Roger’s furniture we have recently made custom book blocks for. Click on the above image and then scroll down to see the Roger Gutheil ‘Breakfront Bookcase’ and the ‘Library Bookcase’.


1/12th Permanently Open Ledger Books

A NEW addition to our ‘Permanently Open’ Book range – these Ledger Books are fixed open:

If you would like Ledger book that are hand bound that open and close these are available here:


1/12th scale’Catz by Sue’

This is a A fine collection of cats in 3 colours and in 2 positions made and painted by Sue, an artisan known to us for many years. These cats are hand painted resin castings.


1/24th scale Picture Frames

– whilst you can purchase the picture frames and then add your own pictures you can also purchase framed prints from using any of the images we currently sell in 1/12th scale. Here’s a couple examples of frames and framed prints in 1/24th scale:

1/24th scale Gold Ornate Picture Frame


1/24th scale Mahogany Picture Frame

Here’s the above frame with one of our images mounted within it:

1/24th scale – C123 Ann Constable by John Constable c1800-05


1/24th scale Gold metal Picture Frame

Here’s the above frame with one of our images mounted within it:

1/24th scale – Scotland Forever! (Battle of Waterloo) by Lady Butler dated 1881

How to order :

Frames – simply go to the shop, select ‘1/24th scale’ and then scroll down the page to find the 1/24th scale frames, select the one you want and then ‘Add to Basket’

Framed Prints – simply go to the shop, scroll down and click on the link for the period prints you are interested in, scroll down the list again and click on the print you wish to buy. Select your option of 1/12th or 1/24th scale and then ‘Add to Basket’


1/24th scale Solid Books

– these solid books are as described, a book that does not open but has the covering of a real book. As they are individually made they can be racked in rows in a book case or stacked on desks and tables.

How to order :

Solid Books – simply go to the shop, select ‘1/24th scale’ and then scroll down the page to find the 1/24th solid books, select how many sets of 4 you want and then ‘Add to Basket’

Watch out for forthcoming real books in 1/24h scale.

Don’t forget our extensive range of 1/12th scale dollshouse accessories, including our new range of deaks/desk sets. Simply search for ‘Desks’ or select the ‘Desks’ item from the menu.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us on ellie@elliedelacy.co.uk or telephone Ellie/Neil on 07801 151251.

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