John de Lacy

John de Lacy

I’d like to tell you about my Dad. Sadly, he passed away very recently after fighting 2 different types of cancer for over 6 years.

Before he retired, my Dad’s day job was an engineer and he started his own business which prospered over the years. What’s really important is that Dad was a brilliant artist, specialising in oil painting. He’s the one who got me interested in art. I’d sit for hours watching him paint in the evenings. He was always there to offer advice and guidance on my art homework. I remembered coming home from school delighted after learning one-point perspective in art that day. I was most disappointed when he shrugged off one-point perspective. My disappointment didn’t last very long as he proceeded to teach me 2-point and multi-point perspective. He bought me my first set of oil paints when I was 11. One Christmas he made me a beautiful dolls house. This house was amazing, he’d made furniture and stairs and a fabulous kitchen. I wish I’d kept it. Although he worked really long hours, sometimes 80-hour weeks, my Dad always had time to help me develop my own artistic skills.

Years later, when Neil bought me a dolls house kit I decided to have a go at painting miniature pictures. And there was Dad again, passing on his art wisdom to me. When I got the opportunity to actually sell my paintings at fairs, he was there offering support and business know-how. He and Mum insisted on paying for our first big dolls house fair at the Ally Pally. As my business grew my Dad wanted to be involved and asked what he could do to help. He suggested making art equipment in miniature and volunteered to make these himself. He made bookcases, various types of easels and desk top easels, lecterns, art boxes and portfolio cases. And these became very popular. Unfortunately, my Dad’s eyesight started failing a few years ago so he had to retire from making those wonderful miniatures.

My Dad had such an influence on my life and I wanted to tell you about this wonderful man and his skill and generosity. I am so grateful that he was my Dad. I’m glad we got to share his last few years. He is greatly missed. Rest in peace Dad.

John Stanley de Lacy
7th April 1935 –  29th Aug 2020