Prints SALE

Welcome to our SALE of ‘Framed Prints’.


For a limited period only selected prints are for sale at a REDUCED PRICE of £10.00 per print, saving you £2.50 per print.


There is a limited selection of prints that are available from our current stock, once sold that’s it!



Tudor Period 1485–1603 (see also Elizabethan Period)



Elizabethan Period 1558–1603 (within Tudor Period)



Stuart Period 1603-1714



Georgian Period 1714-1837 (see also Regency Period)


Regency Period 1811-1820 (within Georgian Period)



John Constable 1776-1837 (Georgian/Regency Periods)



Edwin Henry Landseer 1802-1873 (Georgian/Regency/Victorian Periods)




Henrietta Ronner Knip 1821-1909 (Georgian/Regency/Victorian/Edwardian Periods)



Louis Bosworth Hurt 1856-1929 (Victorian/Edwardian Periods)



French Impressionist 1867 to 1886



French Post Impressionist 1880-1930




Victorian Period 1837 to 1901



Edwardian Period 1901 to 1914



Windsor (1917 to date)



World Maps (1570 – 1907)



Winter Scenes (1550-1935)



prints of Ellie de Lacy Original Paintings



prints of Ellie de Lacy Digital Art



Postage & Packaging is extra at a fixed price.