Desk and Chair – Mahogany (DSK04)

This is a one-off handmade/hand finished item


This18th century Desk and Chair in Mahogany from the period. It has 5 opening drawers and 1 opening desktop.

Overall Height: 90 mm
Overall Width: 109 mm
Overall Depth: 58 mm
Swivel Chair
Overall Height: 80 mm
Overall Width: 44 mm
Overall Depth: 50 mm

Accessories include:
1 Solid Book
3 Document Pack (bills/stamps/post cards etc.)
1 Open Letter Pack (envelopes & letters)
1 Quill & Ink Pot
2 packs of Maps
1 pack Blank Envelopes
2 pack of Newspapers

To see more, detailed photos click on the link 18th century Desk and Chair in Mahogany

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Price: £100.00

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