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Dolls House Journal (DHC101)

Dolls House Journal (DHC101)
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When my husband, Neil, bought me my first dolls house, he suggested I keep a scrapbook/journal about everything to do with that dolls house. It was a way of keeping track of which miniature artisan had made pieces, eg furniture, and how much I was spending. I could make room plans and add photos and samples of wallpaper. It became a history of a dolls house.

When I started making miniature books I decided to find out how books are actually made to make my miniature books look as real as possible. It has taken years of study and practice in traditional bookbinding, creating makeshift tools to suit 1/12th scale. During the Covid-19 pandemic I thought I’d do something creative with the extra time I had and I thought “How about making a dolls house journal using the bookbinding skills I had learned over the years, but in full 1:1 scale.”

So this is what I’ve made. An A5 book with various types of blank pages; lined, plain, graph paper; something that will fit in a bag to carry along with you to dolls house shows. I’ve incorporated pockets with mini cards for jotting down quick ideas, and a pocket envelope at the back containing an A6 notebook. I have made these journals with plenty of expanding space so that you can add photos, and other collage material and it will still close properly. I’ve split the sections into different categories; outside, room plans, interiors, research, and an appendix for field notes as well as an inventory and wish list.

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