Fleurs Animees (MIS111) – Anime Flowers (i.e. Red Spider Lilies)

Fleurs Animees (MIS111)
Author: J J Grandville
Dated: 1867
Category: Miscellaneous

Ref: MIS111

Description: Blue Leather Effect

"Red spider lilies are one of the more well known flowers in the anime community. Mainly because Tokyo Ghoul used it as representation. First to understand why red spider lilies made their guest appearance, you have to know the symbolism of the flower. One of the roles of red spider lilies are to ward away animals from fresh graves. Yet not only does the flower contain deadly poison, it was said to represent the "other side," or afterlife. The blood red color supposedly helps create a path for souls to move on from the living world to the "other side." Another story explains that red spider lilies represent lovers or people who are destined to never meet again. It is said that when two people say their last goodbyes, a red spider lily would sprout between them. Apart from the death theme that this flower carries, it also represents the change from hot summer days to chilly autumn."

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