Standard Artist’s Collection (Art21) – NEW FOR XMAS 2022

Standard Artist’s Collection (Art21)

Category: Artist’s Accessories/Miniature Accessories

Ref: Art21

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Description: Standard Artist's Collection including:

1 x 'A' Frame Easel *
1 x Folding Table *
1 x Primed Cotton Canvas Boards, ready for you to start painting
2 x Glass Artist's Pigment Jars, for example 2 jars selected from:
....Lead White
....Lead-Tin Yellow
1 x Jar of Turps
1 x Jar of Shellac
1 x Artist's Pallette - with paint on pallette
2 x Paint Brushes
4 x Paint Tubes

Only available in 1/12th scale.

* This Easel and Folding Table are made by fellow artisan David Scott-Langley.

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